BUPA London 10,000

Today I took time out to go to the BUPA London 10,000 road running race which – somewhat unsurprisingly – was in London.  I was there partly to support a few local runners but mainly to take a whole heap of photographs of as many of those taking part as I could.  I succeeded in the later by coming away with around 3,500 photographs.  This is almost certainly a PB for me!  I was the guy in the orange shirt stood on a chair on the bend just past the 5km markers.

Now I like taking photographs at these sorts of events for fun and definitely not for personal gain.  I have done this on a fair number of occasions before and my modus operandi is to post all low res versions of all the photos online and if people want to have high res copies of any then I provide them for a small donation to charity.  This charity varies but is usually for the Havens Hospices in my home town of Southend.


This event is no different and so all the photos I have taken can be found online via the links below. I originally put small photos up with a copyright notice however I have since changed this to slightly bigger versions without the copyright notice that you can download and use as you wish copyright free.  If you do download and like the photos then I’d appreciate a token donationation.  The charity in this instance is the British Tinnitus Association and the donations will count as sponsorship for me in my Ride London Surrey 100 mile cycle that I am doing in August.


Ride London

So.  If you would like any copies of the photos I took this morning then please email me at noynek99@gmail.com and I will send them to you.  There is no fixed donation amount – just up to you.  The low res versions you can have for free or for a small donation and the high res versions for a slightly bigger donation.  The high res version are 6000×4000 pixels and hence printable at poster size if you are so inclined (assuming in focus).

Apologies for the photos being very small however this is due to online space restrictions and upload times.  Too open a section of a sample full size high res photo in a new window click the picture below. Then click on the picture in the new window to see the full resolution.

BL10K FS - 0001


Once you have the high res photos you can decide what they are worth and donate on my Just Giving RideLondon Surrey 100 page.  Of course you can just sponsor me if you like!

Links to albums below.  Each Album has 500 photos in.  Selected photos from the event bottom (coming).

Times given for each album at the 5km point to help you find yourself 🙂

Album 01 10:10 to 10:25

Album 02 10:25 to 10:33

Album 03 10:33 to 10:44

Album 04 10:44 to 10:53

Album 05 10:53 to 11:06

Album 06 11:06 to 11:15

Album 07 11:15 to 11:28

Enjoy. Share.

Andy Kenyon.

BL10K blog - 0001

BL10K blog - 0002

BL10K blog - 0003

BL10K blog - 0004

BL10K blog - 0005

BL10K blog - 0006

BL10K blog - 0007

BL10K blog - 0008

BL10K blog - 0009

BL10K blog - 0010

BL10K blog - 0011

BL10K blog - 0012

BL10K blog - 0013

BL10K blog - 0014

BL10K blog - 0015

BL10K blog - 0016

BL10K blog - 0017


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