Albino Blackbird

We’ve just spent a few days with my parents at their home in Gloucestershire which was very nice.  While there I was able to take some photos of an unusual but regular visitor to their garden – an Albino Backbird.  He was quite shy so I could only get photos through the double glazing but they came out quite well regardless.  He is a regular visitor and is often seen by my parents and it was good to be able to see him and get some photos.

Albinoism in birds appears to not be that uncommon and according to the RSPB website the most common birds to be albino is the Thrushes group which includes Blackbirds.  They are rather beautiful to look at but can be shunned by ‘normal’ birds and find it hard to find a mate.  A few of my photos below.  More on my google photos site.  Enjoy.










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