Bluebell 5

This morning I spent a few hours in the glorious surroundings of Tile Wood near Rayliegh taking photographs of people taking part in the Bluebell 5 – a 5 mile trail run through the Little Haven Nature Reserve raising funds for Havens Hospices.

I was undecided which event to cover as there were a few on today including the Run Active Family 5k Fun Run, the Rochford 10K, and the Bluebell 5 and I knew people running in all of these events but in the end the possibility of taking photos in such wonderful surroundings as Tile Wood won me over.

The other factor was that I currently have a rental camera and lens (more on that in a future blog) which being very much ‘Professional grade’ items meant that I was likely to get some good shots even though photographing in poor light in woods can be difficult.

I arrived early and recce’d a few spots where I could get plenty of bluebells in shot and settled down to wait.  I had a very nice chat with an elderly gentleman marshal who ambled by until the start hooter was heard and it was time to knuckle down and take some shots.

Despite the pro kit I did still find setting the camera up quite tricky.  Being a pro model it doesn’t have ‘sports’ and other such modes and you have to take complete control.  Despite the f2.8 lens I still needed high shutter speeds which meant a higher than normal ISO.  The sun kept coming out and going in so I had to watch the shutter speeds and bump the ISO up to 1600 at times.

Anyway enough camera geek speak.  I photographed everybody as they came past me on lap one and then I upped sticks and started walking on toward the start taking photos of runners on their second lap at various locations as they came up behind me.

It was good to see a good number of familiar faces including a handful of Flyers Southend runners and a fair number of Castle Point Joggers (they organised the run) and there were lots of smiles and the usual antics from one or two people.

As is my usual way of doing things I have uploaded pretty much all the photos I took – warts and all – to 3 albums on my Google+ site and you can get to them from my Sport Photography page here.  They are all low res and can be used for social media and the like as you wish.

If however you would like to have hi-res versions then I will happily provide these too for a small charity donation to Havens Hospices.  Email me on with the photo numbers and I’ll send them to with details of how to donate.  I will leave it up to you as to the amount you think they are worth.

I have included a few of my favourites below which open to bigger versions if you click on them.  I hope you enjoy the photos and enjoyed the run.






















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