HARP 24 2016

Last weekend I spend a fair amount of time providing volunteer event photography services for HARP Southend at their HARP24 24hr running event attended by over 330 runners from near and far.

You are here for the photos I guess so find below the links to my various albums.  I retain copyright on all the photos however I am happy for the low res versions included in these albums to be used on social media and the like but not for personal financial gain.

If you would like high res versions of any of these then I am happy to provide for a suggested donation of £10 (for a reasonable number of shots) to HARP.  Email me the details of the photos you want and I will email details of how to donate. If you want photos please use the Google Photos albums and note the image filenames of the photos you would like – thanks.

Here you go then…

Photos before and at the start Facebook / Google Photos

Photos in the early afternoon 1 Facebook / Google Photos

Photos in the early afternoon 2 Facebook / Google Photos

Photos in the early afternoon 3 Facebook / Google Photos

Photos late afternoon Coming Soon

Photos late evening Facebook / Google Photos

Photos at the finish Facebook / Google Photos

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