Loft Conversion – Week 07

Good progress on the loft conversion again by Messrs Tabor-Jones Limited this week and the new accommodation is really beginning to resemble habitable rooms now with plaster going on  and the windows going in.  A few niggles with the boiler but these will get solved I'm sure. The week saw most of the remaining plasterboard going up with …


Loft Conversion – Week 06

The loft conversion continues and week 6 saw the new floor of living space turning from a construction site to almost habitable rooms.  Local builder Tabor Jones Limited continue to do a great job.  Read on to find out what they got up to this week. A few different things appeared to be progressed on …

Loft Conversion – Week 05

Our loft conversion continues apace.  Local builders Tabor Jones Limited are doing a great job and the new living space is really taking shape.  Read on to see what has been happening this week Monday was a milestone day when the works moved from being almost out of sight in the loft to being in …


Loft Conversion – Week 00

Before having our loft converted into a new floor of living space (2 bedrooms and an en-suite shower room) we had to rid the existing loft of 30 years of accumulated junk - and even some stuff that was there when we arrived. This we did over a period of about 6 weeks with some …


Loft conversion

Builders Tabor-Jones of Leigh are making great progress on our loft conversion. Yesterday they started in the rear Dormer and got a fair amount if the structure up. After the builders had left the plumber turned up and worked until 9pm doing stuff so builders could carry on tomorrow. Committed.