Loft Conversion – Week 06

The loft conversion continues and week 6 saw the new floor of living space turning from a construction site to almost habitable rooms.  Local builder Tabor Jones Limited continue to do a great job.  Read on to find out what they got up to this week.

A few different things appeared to be progressed on Monday.  Work was carried out to frame the opening for the new stairs in preparation for the final piece of stud wall beside the stairs to complete the front bedroom.  More insulation was also placed to the ceilings and walls.  Outside some roof tiles were replaced and some – if not all – of the lead flashings were installed to work toward finishing the outside works.

A selection of my photos from this week are included below.  All my photos from the build can be found in an online album here.

Framing up the stair opening ready for the last wall
More insulation in the ceiling
wall and roof insulation
The ceiling – from the stairs. Love all the wood
Tiles and flashings outside

No photos from Tuesday or Wednesday as I was out late both nights but Tuesday saw the two Velux windows installed at the front and work starting proper on plaster boarding the rooms.  On Wednesday the boys started to do the stud wall alongside the stairs plus some of the temporary props on the first floor landing came out.  Thursday the stud wall along the stairs was finished and plasterboarded.

The other thing they did was to remove the last of the first floor props on Wednesday and fix plasterboard over the entire landing ceiling ready for skimming.

The two new Velux windows
Velux windows from the inside
Master bedroom plasterboarded walls and ceiling. No windows yet.
Last stud wall on left up and plasterboarded far side.

Friday the boys carried on plasterboarding out the front bedroom which looks to be nearly finished and a bit more in the master bedroom.  Hardiplank cladding boards were delivered which are now on the landing awaiting fixing plus some battens were fixed to the outside of the dormer ready to fix the boards to.  I’m guessing they will be fixed early next week.

Front bedroom plasterboarding almost complete
Master bedroom getting there too. Bathroom not started yet.
Hardiplank cladding waiting to be fixed. And Jasper!
And the outside.






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