Loft Conversion – Week 07

Good progress on the loft conversion again by Messrs Tabor-Jones Limited this week and the new accommodation is really beginning to resemble habitable rooms now with plaster going on  and the windows going in.  A few niggles with the boiler but these will get solved I’m sure.

The week saw most of the remaining plasterboard going up with the only areas remaining to be boarded being the around the new staircase.  The front bedroom has been almost fully skim plastered and looks great.  The windows came and were fitted on Thursday to the master bedroom and the bathroom which brings light and watertightness to the back of the house.

Early in the week the boys started fixing the hardiplank boards to the outside but paused I guess until the windows went in.  Friday saw the back bedroom get skim plaster to one wall and the ceiling and the remaining plasterboard to the bathroom.

All the bathroom goods came early in the week and they currently reside on our first floor landing.  I would think they will pretty much all be installed next week.

The only niggle is the hot water / boiler really.  All the hot water / heating system and tanks and pipes etc were installed a few weeks back and for a while we had to heat the water on the immersion heater = costly.  Since the system was finished though we have been unable to get the boiler to heat the water despite it being looked at a few times by various people and it remains to date being heated by the immersion.  I dread to think what the electric bill will be for 4 weeks or so on full time.

It is slightly annoying because the controller is working, the boiler is switching on and off and getting hot, the pump is whirring in the loft but the pipes aren’t getting hot from the boiler.  Sounds like a pump issue to me.  News from the builder today is that they think the boiler might be on its way out.  Frustrating if that is the case as it is only 6 years old and was fine before the system was modified.  We shall see what develops.

I was asked this week by a twitter friend if I would recommend our builders and I said very much so on the basis of the effort they put in and their politeness and tidiness.  So there you have it – and they might get some more work out of it – I hope they live up to my recommendation for other people.. 🙂

Anyway.  I have added a load of this weeks photos to my album of progress photos and you can find it here.  Scroll to the bottom for the latest ones.  A selection of photos from the week are included below. Enjoy.

Hardiplank cladding
Skim plaster in the front bedroom
More plasterboard
Landing at top of stairs
Plasterboard going in to wall alongside the stairs
Looking through to master bedroom
Looking through to shower-room
..and in the shower-room
more plaster in the front room
Room’s nearly finished 🙂
Master bedroom window
and more plaster in the master room
Looking good
Shower-room almost ready for the suite.


















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