View from the bottom of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ Building

I’ve been following the progress of the new highrise development at 20 Fenchurch Street aka the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building for some time having almost been employed to work on the project a few years back.  This was just before it was mothballed for a few years.  I spent a couple of months working just South of Tower Bridge recently and have been impressed by the speed the steelwork is going up – and by how big the concrete core is.  Earlier in the week I passed by so took some photos.

I have to admit to not particularly liking the shape of the building as seen in the artists / architects impressions but I am beginning to be won over.  This is partly as no-one much (especially not me) will ever look at the building from above to see it in its full glory and from ground level it looks a lot less ‘odd’.

Artists impression

Coincidentally Mr @Ianvisits payed a visit to the site on the same day I think as I was photographing from the street.  He – the jammy so-and-so – was able to see it close up and see the view from the top.  You can read his blog about that visit and see his photos here.  I’ve included a few of my photos below and you can link to an album of more photos here.

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