Raptor Foundation Photography Afternoon

Last week my daughter Lizzie and I spent the afternoon at the Raptor Foundation near St Ives in Cambridgeshire on a photography afternoon as a treat organised by my lovely wife.  In a group of 12 or so people with various levels of kit and experience we were given the opportunity to photograph a selection of birds of prey in natural (ish) settings and later on the wing during flying displays.

It felt somewhat odd photographing the birds that had been sat on logs and in trees – the satisfaction comes from getting a great photo of a wild bird – but I was pleased with the results.  Photographing on the wing was pretty hard but a combination of taking lots of photos and taking the photos in RAW format (uncompressed) and in Manual (full manual control of all camera settings) meant I got a good selection that I was pleased with.

I have uploaded the whole collection of decent photos to Google+ and you can find them here.  I was going to make an album of selected photos but there was so many and it was hard to decide which to include so in the end I just uploaded them all.

I thought the Raptor Foundation was a great place to visit.  The birds looked well looked after and had very large enclosures in which to live and fly and so I would definitely recommend you visit if you are in the vicinity.

I have included one or two of most of the birds we got to photograph below. Apologies for thumbnails as there are too many to add all individually.  Click to open bigger versions and use back to return to this page.


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