Southend Fireworks

A quick trip out tonight to have a go at photographing fireworks.  Southend Council put on a free firework display on the seafront every Saturday night through November (at least) so there is plenty of opportunity.  It was dry – if cold – when I went but turned out to be very windy on the seafront.  This wasn’t good for the fireworks as the trains got blown as soon as they exploded.  I set up on the cliffs by the top of the cliff lift too which was okay but there were wires which I only noticed reviewing the photos. And then it rained.  And I got wet.  And so did lots of other people.

I had my Nikon D5200 on my frankly rather flimsy tripod and my kit 18-105 lens fitted.  Most shots were at the 105mm end so maybe I’ll try the 70-300 next time.  ISO was 100 and I used manual settings with an f16 aperture.  Shutter was set to Bulb and I used a wireless remote shutter release to open and close the shutter.  Bearing in mind the conditions I was quite pleased with the results.  I shall definitely have another go.

Album of photos










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