Southend Fireworks – The sequel

Last weekend I had a go at photographing the fireworks on Southend seafront.  It was fun and spurred me to try again and improve from the lessons learned.  You can read about that experience here. So I head down again this evening and had another go.

The weather was much better this evening – dry and with virtually no wind – and I chose a better vantage point on the other side of the pier to last weekend.  I used pretty much the same settings on my Nikon D5200 and my flimsy tripod (defo need to get a decent tripod for Christmas hint hint) but I used my 70-300 lens instead of the the 18-105 of last week.  I arrived at the seafront and tried framing up some shots and decided to walk a bit closer to the pier.  This turned out to be a mistake with the long lens and in my chosen position I couldn’t zoom out enough to get the whole scene in.

Without seeing the fireworks going off it was hard to know how much of the sky they would fill.  Lesson here is – a lot.  In practice probably better to have a wide lens and crop than a narrow lens and not be able to get it all in.  It was good being back a bit as it flattened the scene and resulted in better shots.

The other thing I had trouble with was focus.  Part of the reason for using the 70-300 was it had a focus distance indicator and I thought setting the focus on infinite would sort the focus but seemed not.  I still had to adjust the focus and check after taking some shots on the focus.  I changed the focus half way through too and thought the first photos would be out of focus but they actually came out ok.  Maybe the focus looked off but with a smaller aperture maybe the increased depth of field kept things in check.

Anyway.  More lessons learned nd when the opportunity arises again to take some firework fotos I shall try and improve further.

An album of the better ones (quite a few) that I took can be viewed by using the link below.  Plus as usual I have included a few of my faves below.  All of these photographs are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without my written permission. That said… enjoy.

Southend Fireworks

SF - 0006

SF - 0008

SF - 0009

SF - 0012

SF - 0016

SF - 0020

SF - 0024

SF - 0027

SF - 0030

SF - 0039

SF - 0040

SF - 0042

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