It won’t fail because of me

I’m currently reading the book ‘Into the Black’ by Rowland White about the first flight of the Space Shuttle. I was taken by a particular passage.

The author recounts the time when Appllo XVI astronaut T.K.Mattingly was up on the gantry taking a look at the rocket as it was being prepared and startled a technician who was going about his individual piece of work.

The two chatted and the technician was awestruck about the magnitude of the undertaking. The technician said “I really don’t know how you’re going to get back. It seems a long ways off. You know, I don’t understand that, but you can bet it won’t fail because of me”.

The crew appreciated the importance of this. If every single person working on the Space Shuttle could say the same thing – it won’t fail because of me – then the first flight (of the Space Shuttle) would not fail.

If everyone on every project had that attitude then just think what could be achieved.

I like this passage.




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